[pdoTools] 2.11.0 - disabling the total selection by default

Hello friends!

Let's start with some theory. All pdoTools snippets use the pdoFetch class to work with the database. During this, the total number of records will be calculated and set into the placeholder called [[+total]]. For maximum accuracy, this is done using the built-in MySQL functions:
SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS `id`,`pagetitle`
And MySQL will know the total amount of records.

After this query, a separate request is made for obtaining the result and setting the placeholder using:
Gauke Pieter Sietzema
15 february 2018, 09:33

ExtJS for dummies. Part 2 — ExtJS Panel

LoadCustomCssJs method in class modExtraManagerController adds to the page your styles and scripts. Let's start our first extjs script using this method.

class ThingsIndexManagerController extends modExtraManagerController {
    public function getPageTitle() {
        return 'Things';
    public function getTemplateFile() {
        return dirname(__FILE__) . '/home.tpl';
    public function loadCustomCssJs() {
            Ext.onReady(function() {
                var title = 'Мой заголовок';
                var msg = 'Модель DOM готова...';
Илья Уткин
26 december 2017, 12:35

MODX Meetup @ Grünenwald, Switzerland

Date: February, 8th — 11th 2018
Location: Gasthaus Grünenwald, Grünenwald 1, 6390 Engelberg, Switzerland

The Gasthaus Grünenwald is situated outside the mountain village of Engelberg. A quite famous ski ressort in Switzerland. Located centrally, about 30 kilometres from Lucerne.

It was built a 100 years ago an run, since 20 years, by some music addicted guys and gals. A lot of bands come here to rehearse, but now we want to invite MODX addicts for a few days of tech and snow.
Fabian Christen
06 december 2017, 02:02

ExtJS for dummies. Part 1 — Namespace and Controller

We will see the creation of MODX extra step by step in the next few lessons. In the lessons we do not use ready solutions, such as modExtra or Doodles. We will take all of the steps manually.

Илья Уткин
04 december 2017, 14:29

Work with MODX from IDE without manager

Hello friends!

MODXpo 2017 is going right now and I want to share with you my presentation that was just shown. The idea is to develop sites without login to the manager, directly from PhpStorm.

I propose to do this through my package, which will install the necessary resources, settings, templates and anything at all. This is not for developing extras, it's for website development.
Василий Наумкин
11 november 2017, 12:20

MODXPO 2017 Live Stream from Minsk!

Yes! Live streaming of conference will be! Unfortunately, the sponsor, ready to completely close the costs for the team responsible for the video was not found, so that streaming will be available after a small payment – 29 Belarusian rubles (~15$).

Buy the «Live Stream» ticket on the conference website – modxpo.modx.by/ru/#tickets or by this direct link.

VERY IMPORTANT! When paying for a ticket, specify a valid google-accountemail on gmail service, on this email will be send a link to the stream after the event starts.

Иван Климчук
11 november 2017, 04:40

How to extend any MODX table

This is translation of russian topic.

Once again it was necessary to change the site table, which can not be changed.

What do people usually do in such cases? As a usual, they edit a kernel or the necessary component, and lose the possibility of their updating. But this is wrong, and you can solve the problem differently.

We write the usual plugin, mark the OnMODXInit event for it and change the model for the required classes of the system or add-ons. For example, I added the manager id to the miniShop2 order:
Василий Наумкин
27 august 2017, 01:54