MODX Meetup Moscow '18

Moscow! It has been on our Meetup-location wish-list for years now. The Russian MODX community is huge and now is finally the time for a meetup in the Russian capital: Moscow!

The people behind the well-known and websites organised the meetup: a wonderful location, speakers and live-translation. This was the second time we got live-translation during a meetup (Minsk 2017) was the first time and it works perfect! Russian and English speaking people in one audience.

Gauke Pieter Sietzema
10 october 2018, 14:56

[pdoTools] 2.11.0 - disabling the total selection by default

Hello friends!

Let's start with some theory. All pdoTools snippets use the pdoFetch class to work with the database. During this, the total number of records will be calculated and set into the placeholder called [[+total]]. For maximum accuracy, this is done using the built-in MySQL functions:
SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS `id`,`pagetitle`
And MySQL will know the total amount of records.

After this query, a separate request is made for obtaining the result and setting the placeholder using:
Gauke Pieter Sietzema
15 february 2018, 09:33

ExtJS for dummies. Part 2 — ExtJS Panel

LoadCustomCssJs method in class modExtraManagerController adds to the page your styles and scripts. Let's start our first extjs script using this method.

class ThingsIndexManagerController extends modExtraManagerController {
    public function getPageTitle() {
        return 'Things';
    public function getTemplateFile() {
        return dirname(__FILE__) . '/home.tpl';
    public function loadCustomCssJs() {
            Ext.onReady(function() {
                var title = 'Мой заголовок';
                var msg = 'Модель DOM готова...';
Илья Уткин
26 december 2017, 12:35