How to remove all old versions of packages

This is translation of russian topic.

Many people knows that MODX stores a lot of old versions of packages in core/packages, so you can downgrade them at any time.

It needed not so often, but packages occupying HDD space for nothing. You can clean them manually at package manager, but it a bit tiring, so I made a simple script to clean old packages automatically.

By default script must be kept in the root of a site. It will select all installed packages except the last one, and will remove them correctly via system processor.
I strongly recommend you to run it from SSH terminal, because if you will call it via web-browser it may not be able to do all stuff in servers time limit.

As I see in the code of remove processor, it has no way to harm your system, but anyway, you doing this on your own risk!
Василий Наумкин
20 june 2017, 13:29
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